Niten Scholarship

Niten Scholarship

Niten Institute scholarship program


Due to the difficulties caused by the Pandemic, the Niten Institute Scholarship program is temporarily suspended for new vacancies.

The objective of the Niten Institute Scholarship Program is to minimize or substantially exempt these tuition and tuition fees for students from the age of 13 onwards. The intention is to help young students with low budget who can not afford an extra tuition and university students or young professionals who have difficulties paying the tuition due to dedication to studies or commitment of income with essential expenses.

Scholarship recipients must follow the same rules and rules of discipline and participation in the training provided to all students of the Niten Institute, with only additional requirements for personal presentation and frequency control. Scholarship recipients are offered a 70% discount on tuition and fees.

The number of places for scholarship holders is limited by unit and modality. Scholarships may be requested by those interested in joining and by students already enrolled. The scholarship approval period is approximately 7 to 30 days after the receipt by mail of the form at the Niten headquarters.

All the other materials that become necessary with the progress and diversification of training and graduation, as well as the training uniform (kimono and hakama) can be acquired gradually, in the rhythm of the training and individual financial possibilities of each student.

Grants are always awarded for a single first modality* and after 4 months of training can be extended to a second and third modality upon request by the website form. Extensions will be granted according to the availability of places and waiting list.

To request a scholarship, the applicant must complete the Niten Institute Scholarship Form. (Click here) and follow the steps that will be indicated by email **.

Further questions and information regarding the Scholarships we ask also to be always sent through the form of the website.

Gambaté Kudasai (Strength in Battle!)
Niten Institute

* In the US at the Moment there are only KENJUTSU Classes. Other modalities are currently not offered.

** Please verify that messages sent by the institute are not being blocked by antispam mechanisms of your mail server, nor are they lost in "mail merge" folders. Instances after submitting a form by the site will receive an automatic confirmation email. If you do not receive this confirmation email, check your email server, authorizing the domain @ If you do not receive the confirmation email, chances are you will not receive our response either.