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ShinHagakure - Thoughts of a Modern Day Samurai

Sensei Jorge Kishikawa
Written by Sensei Jorge Kishikawa, the book "SHIN HAGAKURE - Thoughts of a Modern Samurai" is a compass for difficult times, presenting a new insight into samurai philosophy and Japanese culture focused on the modern man.

" In the beginning, as soon as I founded the Niten Cultural Institute, these thoughts and reflections now contained in the book were just notes (often smaller than a postcard), in prescriptions (when taking notes in the office) or even in napkins (the only thing I had when I was snacking or having a coffee at work). Over time, these notes which aim was to improve the behavior and happiness of the students, were transcribed into small paper blocks and published in newsletters. Therefore, the book was taking shape.

In 2004, after a decade of teachings since the founding of the Institute, the students from Niten received their first handbook. We were no longer limited to São Paulo: there were students in at least 20 other cities from all over Brazil. It was the first version of Shin Hagakure and was nicknamed as the" the black cover Shin".

Then I had a surprise: the warrior handbook from Niten was being used by readers who weren´t our students and many of them had nothing to do with Niten.

Then I decided - from the 2nd edition - to insert contents that had universal coverage, things that could touch the soul of any mortal. This edition released in 2010 was known as "Shin of Shin" because the cover photo shows a form of guard called "Shin" (which belongs to the style of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shintoryu), the oldest combat position of the samurais. Since then, Shin Hagakure has been reprinted four times and sold more than 20,000 copies throughout Brazil.

Now the Shin Hagakure is being re-released in its 3rd edition with 2 volumes: The 1st volume transmits the knowledge acquired during 40 years of conviviality with the traditional Masters of Japan, from the training to the daily life. In the 2nd volume are the teachings focused on the practice and the technical part of the sword.

In the globalized world we live in, information circulates quickly and in a chaotic way, and we often don´t realize that our values are being lost amidst a whirlwind of ideas and thoughts.

The example of righteousness, courage, and persistence of the samurais awakens the spirit of the unwary to new daily battles. The most important thing is not to live, it is to give life through the sword. I´m sure that, at some point in your journey, this compass will be useful."

Sensei Jorge Kishikawa

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The Niten Cultural Institute was created in 1993 by Sensei Jorge Kishikawa to spread the millennials teachings of the Samurai sword arts, Bushido philosophy, and Japanese culture.


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Biography of Sensei Jorge Kishikawa

- Founder of the Niten Cultural Institute, with students all over Latin America and Portugal in more than 60 Dojos / Units
- His birthday became the Samurai Day.
- Sports Physician
- Menkyo Kaiden (Grandmaster / Highest graduation) of Miyamoto Musashi School
- 7th Dan Kyoshi from Kendo to Japan
- Precursor of Kenjutsu in Brazil
- Twice consecutive Brazilian five-time champion
- Three times Vice World Champion
- Representative of Suyo Ryu (Style of the movie The Solitary Wolf)
- Creator of the KIR Method, which aims to recover human potential through the samurai sword
- Developer of the KIR Business, that applies the principles of the Sword Samurai in the companies


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About Volume 1

In the globalized world we live in, where information moves at a chaotic speed, we usually do not notice that our values are being lost in the middle of this whirlwind of ideas and thoughts.

Written by a samurai of our times, the Shin Hagakure: Thoughts of a Modern Day Samurai introduces a new perspective of samurai philosophy and Japanese culture focused on today´s individuals.

The example of samurai rectitude, courage and persistence can awaken the spirit in order to fight new daily battles in which you must commit heart and soul, as well as use the sword of the spirit as your guide.

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