Coffee with Sensei

Coffee with Sensei

Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa



Message from the Student Juan Borrero from Miami about Sensei`s visit.

"Shitsurei Shimassu Sensei
I hope I found you well this evening. Below is my best attempt at putting into short words the five things I learned during your visit.
As I reflected on the training my most recurring memory was speed, so I used it as an acronym to describe the 5 things I learned.
S is for Speed, as I grow in my learning with Niten I gain speed in strikes with the shinai. This is something all must think and practice upon. Having said that, I noticed that even when Sensei “slows down” his striking speed when teaching and training students and Senpai’s it is still blazingly fast.
P is for Precision, as we gain speed we must also practice the precision of our strikes. Together they form one unit. A demonstration of this was done with all Kohai’s with Sensei wielding the Kusarigama. Precision must be practiced, but do not ignore speed, they go hand in hand.
E is for energy, I must train to balance my energy, use it when required, and expend it when necessary. I don’t want to confuse this with Kiai, I refer to physical energy, that which we use to perform a task. In Niten we spend loads of energy, I must learn to spend it efficiently.
E is for Environmental Awareness, we practiced with many partner changes (Ipo Miggi), our focus was on our sparring partners. Our practice location had a window to the outside. Sometime during the practice Sensei slowed the training due to something happening from the outside, I was not aware of it, but Sensei was. We must be aware of all our surroundings, inside and outside. Fu Sui Un Bun comes to mind, here.
D is for determination, as our bodies grew tired, we never stopped to continue the practice. I had to stop for a spell and catch my breath, but I was determined to continue. Sensei was determined to travel, train, and impart his knowledge. I was determined to practice, listen, and learn. As we grow through Niten, we must have the determination to extinguish the weeds that eat at our core values. Always Forward!
Thank you for your teachings Sensei, the explicit and the subtle.
Sayounara, Arigatou Gouzaimashita"
Juan Borrero - Miami

Glad to see Juan thought deeply about it
He had a perception that others do not have. This is fantastic!
Juan, don`t be afraid to start a new dojo.
Life will be more intense

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