Coffee with Sensei

Coffee with Sensei

Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa


Gashuku: Diamond

Climbing the mountain and finding Diamonds is a blessing from the Gods.
Wise will be the one who has opted for this alternative.
Settled will be the one who insists on staying on the floor.


"To be able to climb the mountain and to be with my master and to hear his words, to observe the techniques and to be taught directly is priceless. 
Even with such a special Diamond Moment as it was, I had the privilege of discovering secrets about Musashi Sensei that I had no idea.
I will definitely reread Go Rin No Sho with another perspective. 
I just have to be very grateful to Musashi Sensei for being a great samurai and putting so many people in the path of Bushido and also to Sensei for continuing to propagate what is most essential in life."

Perazzini (Dojo Brasília)

Brasilia unit at Gashuku - Perazzini in the centre, next to Jorge Kishikawa Sensei

Read more about "Climbing the Mountain" in SHIN HAGAKURE Vol. 1 - Pages 44 and 45
Sensei Jorge Kishikawa´s Book 

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