In Japan with Sensei

In Japan with Sensei

Senpai Wenzel´s travel diary accompanying Sensei to Japan.


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In Japan with Sensei 1

por Wenzel - Nihon - 28-Jul-2018


Minasan, after 13 years I came back to Japan following Sensei in this trip to the Samurai`s land!

We`ve left from Sao Paulo on Monday straight up to the other side of the world!

All of these years, since the first time that Sensei took me to Japan in 2002. I`ve always said that this trip is a "Chinese deal"* (oops), because we`ve paid an expensive air ticket, and then, everything in Japan is expensive, but actually it`s a bargain if considering a journey to the other side of the world!
*"Chinese deal," an expression meaning a good deal.

What should Wenzel (Uenzel*) think about Japan after 13 years? Sensei was curious, would I believe that Japan changed a lot?
I`ve agreed writing a little about this, and I share with all of you some thoughts. I apologize in advance for the size of it.
* "Uenzel" - Sensei kindly pronounces Senpai Wenzel`s name in this way.

The trip is extensive, there`s no other way. Our scale is in London.


The clouds are the same

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