Mundial - Humility, Passion, Spirit and Hospitality

por Juan Borrero - US/ - 25-Oct-2018

Shitsurei Shimassu,

A slight verbiage change was made based on Takeshi Senpai`s recommendation.

Niten 1st World Kenjutsu Tournament and 25th Anniversary

Humility, Passion, Spirit, and Hospitality

The weekend of October 19 – 21 of 2018 will be one of the most memorable weekends in my life to date. It was with great effort, that I was fortunate enough, to find the solutions that allowed me to travel to Sao Paulo, and not only participate in the tournament, but learn from the source that is Sensei Jorge Kishikawa and all the Senpai’s and Kohai’s that were present. I travelled without goals, without expectations, I wanted to live in the presence of the energy (ki) of Sensei and all the Senpai’s and Kohais from across Brazil and the World.


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