In Japan with Sensei 2

por Wenzel - Nihon - 24-Jan-2020

IN JAPAN WITH SENSEI 2 - Senpai Wenzel


Promptly early, Sensei knocks on the bedroom door only once. It`s a sign that we`re leaving. It´s time to pick up the backpack already set, jump in the shoes prepared in front of the door, properly pointed out, and reach the Sensei in the corridor towards the elevator.

With the time still "confusing", I had slept a little early in the night and then spent the whole night awaken, answering emails and writing the first text of the trip. At 5:20 am Sensei called the room announcing that the day reserved four missions to be resolved, quickly enumerated each and confirmed that we would leave at 6:00 am.

It was the perfect time to finish the text, include some pictures and wear kimono and hakama.

At exactly 5:52 am, seven minutes early, Sensei knocks on the door. If he hits at 5:53, it would be six minutes plus a few seconds. To not lose even these seconds, Sensei`s early 7 minutes, are so accurate that you have a few seconds to spare. This is what we call the Sensei Time in Niten. We have in Niten always the clock set by Brasília time (GMT -3), usually marked on the cell phones and we have the "Sensei time", accurate 7 minutes early, which is the current time in Sensei`s wristwatch. And that`s what is considered when we`re with Sensei. Particularly in Gashukus and Shugyos. Yes, sometimes it`s a little confusing, I also found it very confusing. Why not keep a schedule just and score a little earlier ?! But just because of this confusion, we end up throwing more energy into the perception of time, we always have to do a little arithmetic and become more aware of the time we actually are. It works.



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