Coffee with Sensei

Coffee with Sensei

Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa


Find The Essentials

"Shitsurei shimasu,
First of all, I need to thank Sensei for the immense change that Niten has caused in my life.
When I was younger, I was a determined boy, with a "sparkle in my eyes", running after my dreams with claws, always a student and a warrior.
I participated in the Scout movement, was involved in community activities, organized projects at the university, played sports, practiced music, learned foreign languages ​​... I was never stopped!
But at some point, I got lost. Without having a north, the brightness of the eyes disappeared and I was getting more and more comfortable. I lived some years in this state, which I consider to be lost.
Then I found Niten! That`s when I realized something was wrong. And it was through the training and teachings of the Sensei that I was letting go of the vices that had accumulated in me.
My last victory, I owe to this transformation. At the beginning of the month, I was employed as a Product Engineer in a multinational company, even in the midst of the cost reduction and team reduction policies.
In Niten I learned that NOT: measuring efforts, staying still, staying in the same room, being lazy and many other addictions that easily attack us if we let the spirit relax. So we must train, train and TRAIN!
Doumo arigatou gozaimashita Sensei, for having "straightened" me and shown the north again!"
Dojo Curitiba



This student`s report shows us many points in common with our lives.
As children, we have many dreams, desires to conquer the world, to do a thousand things. But as time goes by, we change. 
Many things happen half-way through: fatalities, problems, all we have to overcome, it`s war. Life is war.
You have a thousand choices to make in the world: fun, work, sports, relationships, but you have to find something that is going to change your life, this is the most important.
You waste time and money doing other things. And if you do not find the essence, the purpose, or rather the tool that will change you, that will get you out of the hole, you will be lost.
It`s useless running after everything in this world, you have to find the essential.
And Sionek found it,
I wish the same for you.


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